Dastan: a review

over the years i must have seen over a dozen of these performances, from the Dastangoi evening at Prithvi, 16th april, 2006 Farooqi and Husain have evolved into telling contemporary stories along with the Dastans from the Hamza

dastan: the performance: a review

imagine two men dressed in white cotton angarkha/jama and delicate white chikan ‘topis’ 

 imagine them seated, on the floor, on white sheets with bolsters  

imagine minimal props: silver bowls with water, a snuff-box, marigolds and a few other odds and ends 

imagine, now, these two men narrating  

imagine flying fingers detailing a woman’s costume and make-up or 

imagine perhaps a town with a blood red river and pearl eating fish 

imagine stories of kings, of simple men, of beautiful women and of sorcerers 

imagine these stories from very animated faces  

imagine the twists and turns in stories 

in the style of the caravanserai storytellers

imagine this in poetry  

imagine it in ‘bazaaru’ ,  in urdu-hindustani 

 imagine, also, an alive, throaty, laughing,  awestruck audience  

imagine happy faces fed with stories

imagine the applause now

imagine what you missed now

imagine you could see it one day

imagine, till then


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